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Increase your height 1-3 inches with in one month

Rawalpindi, Pakistan
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    18 Nov 2017
Suplement for growing height herbal consisting of powdered calsium powdered 4 box and 2 bottles of zinc capsule.  Nutrient Calcium Powder 10g/bag x 10/box Calcium is an important element necessary to support many areas of our body's daily functions. It is stored in the bones and teeth to keep them strong. It helps muscles and blood vessels to expand and contract. It is vital for the sending of messages through the nervous system. For young children and older adults, particularly women, it is very important to ensure regular adequate supplies of easily absorbed Calcium. Tianshi(Tiens) High Calcium is a unique source of highly bio-available Calcium. Zinc Capsules 0,2g x 60capsules Zinc is one of the main elements of life and is an essential micro nutrients which are widely spread in the human body. Capsules Zinc Lactate Zinc basic components, Egg Protein Powder, and Glucose. Zinc Lactate is a type of zinc salts are soluble in water. Zinc lactate known as the raw material of zinc supplementation is best because it has a very high absorption, unaffected by salt and sour vegetable. Egg protein powder (Egg protein powder) are useful to increase the absorption of zinc. Glucose serves as a carrier of zinc supplements. Function: It is important to maintain normal metabolism.Increasing the growth and development of the body and tissue regeneration.Maintain normal vision and healthy skin.Increase big brain development, improve intelligence.Increasing bone growth.- Maintaining bone health.- Set the contraction and relaxation of muscles.- Set the vitality of the body's cells.- Maintaining the body to keep the normal circulation.- Maintain a normal heartbeat- Strengthen bones and teeth,Views: 161